After 30 fun-filled seasons, the Children's Theatre Festival has come to a close. The University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance will be performing children's shows for a school-geared audience during the regular school season. Read on for more information.

The evolution of CTF into TYA

For the past 30 summers, children across Houston have enjoyed the lively and fun theatre presented by the Children's Theatre Festival. Summer camps and playdate groups were loyal patrons, some attending each and every show.

The Children's Theatre Festival recognized the need to provide quality theatre to young audiences. In order to serve an even larger community of students, parents, and teachers, the Children's Theatre Festival has evolved into a new program called Theatre for Young Audiences.

Our TYA program will present shows during the school year, thereby serving as a resource for teachers and parents to tie theatre directly to the TAKS curriculum set forth by the state of Texas. The shows will also appeal to a broader age range; from shows geared to elementary school children to shows specifically for older middle school students.

Another exciting change is the touring component of the new TYA program. Each spring we will tour a show to schools in the community that have little or no arts education in their curriculum. This kind of exposure to the arts is a valuable opportunity that we could not provide in years past.

If you have any questions about the evolution of CTF into TYA, please contact Brandy Robichau at 713-743-5645.